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Local Deliveries Services

We have created a customized system that caters to each company’s financial necessities. This enables you, the client, to profit from each and every delivery we make!

By continuously educating ourselves about your delivery requirements, our communication process will run smoothly and we will be equipped to handle all of your shipping needs. Our unique, customized system and our knowledge of your operation will raise your bottom line!

Local Deliveries

HR Express & Logistics is poised to get your shipments to their destination swiftly, securely, on-time and on-budget – site to site, border to border or coast to coast. Click here to learn more about our Local Services.

National Deliveries

HR Express & Logistics provides same day national courier service in the United States . From an envelope, to a truck load, medical specimen to critical parts, we can handle your transportation needs.
Click here to learn more about our National Services.

Scheduled Deliveries

HR Express & Logistics is dedicated to your needs, and our scheduled services can be customized for your daily pick-ups or repetitive deliveries.
Click here to learn more about our Schedule Deliveries.

Warehouse Services

HR Express & Logistics has a facility for your distribution needs. With a temperature controlled facility, HR Express & Logistics is committed to reducing your costs, guaranteeing services, practically eliminating capital investment and providing you, the customer, with the absolute best, value-added warehouse service in all of Southern California.
Click here to learn more about our Warehouse Services.

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